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You may be cleaning your tiles with a simple cleaning solution and wipe, but it is not as effective as professional cleaning. Years of foot traffic can lead to tile getting dirty over time which is difficult to clean without professional equipment.

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Proper upkeep required routine deep cleaning provided by professionals. If you want tiles that are shiny and good brand new always, get professional tile cleaning done by us. When you hire us for tile cleaning we give special attention to the grouts. We get every line of the grout and clean it using proper cleaning methods.

If you have light colored tiles, which most of us have, they easily pick up stains and moisture. Heavy walked areas such as hallways, kitchen, bathroom areas have irregular color. This may look dirty and bring down the aesthetic appeal of your house. Whether it is commercial or residential property dirty tiles is not a good impression. No one wants to invite guests when you have dirty tiles. Proper scruing and environmentally friendly cleaning methods make us one of the best tile cleaners in town. No matter what part of the house has tile installed, we can clean it. Ignoring professional cleaning can lead to unsanitary conditions. Mold may grow in the grout and moisture in your bathroom tile may damage the tile from inside. If your tile surface needs cleaning as well as sanitisation, we can do that.

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There are different kinds of tile installed in houses and businesses. Some are rough for non-slip while others ceramic coated. Different types of tiles get differently dirty. While some might trap dust on the surface others may be more vulnerable to scratches. We take into account the type of tile you have and clean it accordingly. Carpet Cleaning In Friendswood understands some tiles need milder cleaning service to prevent the tile from getting damaged. That is why we have tile specialists who look at your tile floor and determine the right approach.

Grout is a porous cement-based material. They can absorb moisture and fluids if they are not properly sealed. This will eventually result in discoloration, stains, and mildew growth. There are some silicon grouts that do not absorb water and are much easier to clean. All grouts, on the other hand, appear to trap minute particles of dust and dirt along the edges of the tile, making the floor or wall look grungy even after a thorough cleaning. If you’ve ever tried to scrub each line of grout by hand, you’ll see why hiring a professional grout cleaning service is well worth the money. Professional tile and grout cleaning ensures that the tiles are spotless.

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We apply a cleaning solution to the tile and wait for the solution to attach itself to the dirt. Then we use a buffer to buff the dirt off along with the solution. The gouts are cleaned with a pressure washer and then sealed with grout material. The tile is offered treated with a coating to prevent it from getting dirty quickly. If you do not want the treatment let us know ahead of time.


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